Daily Harvest Product Review: Soups and Smoothie Delivery for Quick, Plant-Based Food


In my worst flare-up, I gained 20 pounds.  Part of this is the lack of activity, but a large part of it is the food I was eating.  There were many aspects to that, certainly comforting myself with food, and the cravings brought on by medication and inactivity.  The biggest problem is one we all know well: grocery shopping can take a week’s worth of energy.  The standard advice for people who don’t have time to cook is to go to a big warehouse store, separate out the food, spend a day cooking and freeze the food.  Many of us have done this at one time or another, but let’s face it, it’s pretty infeasible most of the time.  Cooking ONE meal is exhausting, a day of cooking is generally out.

But unless we have a supportive partner, that leaves us vulnerable to fast food and take out, while our doctors are telling us how important it is to support ourselves nutritionally.

More options exist now for prepared food delivery, grocery delivery, and meal prep kits, as well as more meal replacements.

I would like more plant-based foods into my diets, so I am trying various services that might help me do this even when exhausted.  Daily Harvest provides vegan smoothies, and now soups.

The smoothies come packed with dry ice.  A word of warning:  even dry ice doesn’t last that long in the 110 degree Southern heat.  I once ordered ice cream online in July.  Big mistake! I would recommend that someone be home to freeze the food so it doesn’t defrost completely.

They arrive with tidy packaging in individual cups.  These are not entirely ready-made food, you must add liquid, and the smoothies require a quick blend.

You might choose to have different kinds of broth available for the soups, as well as coconut milk, and juices and coconut water for the smoothies.  As needing to keep these items around defeats the purpose for a severely disabled person, I tried preparing everything with water.

Look how fresh and good these veggies look!  Look at them!

Look how fresh and good these veggies look!  Look at them!

Daily Harvest has three choices for soup, Black Garlic Zucchini, Carrot + Coconut, and Mushroom +Miso.

To prepare the soup, you add water or broth and cook it either in a cup or in a pan on a stove.  I compromised and used a bowl so that the soup wouldn’t slop over when I tried to eat it.  Five minutes and the microwave and I had this lovely carroty, curry, coconut treat.  I could have added coconut milk, which would make a very rich broth but might cool off the spice a little.

The Black Garlic Zucchini was amazing.  What I’m liking about these soups is that they are far better than anything I could prepare, which makes me feel less guilty about the expense.


Like many fibromyalgia sufferers I have IBS and cannot tolerate mushroom, so I let my SO try that one out.  He agreed that it’s restaurant quality and that it would be better prepared with broth.

I was slightly limited in ordering smoothies  by my tree nut allergy, but what’s great is the transparency of the ingredients.

Daily Harvest's ingredients are easy to find, no surprises.

Daily Harvest's ingredients are easy to find, no surprises.

There were still numerous choices.

Watermelon was refreshing but a little bland as watermelon can be.  A little pineapple juice would be delicious.

Strawberry was delicious.  Fruit juice would sweeten it but add calories, it was flavorful and fresh.  You don’t notice the oats.

Cherry Acai was by far the most flavorful and what I would choose, especially since it at least has some greens to justify the calories.

The usefulness of the soups and smoothies is somewhat dependent upon your appetite.  I have a lumberjack’s appetite in general, and especially after my history of bingeing on fast food, so I am still becoming accustomed to plant-based food.  I was hungry shortly after lunch, but would be an excellent 3pm snack instead of chips or cookies, or a hamburger depending on my orneyiness!

A weekly subscription makes each cup $7.99.  Smoothie cups have two servings.  Longer subscriptions can get the price down to $6.99.  The company promises exciting additions to come, so stay tuned.

What have you tried to get better foods in you?